My Process

Providing Assistance From Start To Finish

As Medicaid Liaison I do all the family tasks, coordinating with my attorney to get residents qualified for Medicaid. In some cases, my client’s family will need to meet with an attorney to accomplish some actions. I help coordinate to drive these action(s) to completion.

The Medicaid application process often results in delays due to missing data, misunderstanding, the length of time taken by businesses to do actions and produce documentation, incorrect results and not knowing the urgency of actions. These delays can cause denial of the application because of ODJFS time limits, perhaps causing the family to have to re-apply, and perhaps starting a debt with the facility.

Don’t wait until the family owes you money or until you’re discussing discharge. Don’t wonder if you have the latest status and information. You will know I’m on top of each case as I keep you informed of the status.

  • I am recommended to the family by the facility, a hospital discharge planner or by personal reference. I meet face-to-face when the family is local or communicate by phone if the family is out of state. I coordinate and perform actions via phone, mail, email, and fax.
  • I accept cases at any point:
    • When family is not considering Medicaid but should be
    • When family is considering Medicaid
    • When the facility is already owed a few months of money
    • When an application has been made and is stalled
  • I obtain a Limited POA from the resident giving me access to all their information and access to interface with all the businesses needed to complete actions and obtain the necessary documentation. Limited POA enables me to keep the process moving.
  • In cases where a Limited POA cannot be obtained, I work as authorized representative as long as family has POA.
  • I work/communicate with the resident’s family, his/her facility (SNF or AL Center), and all involved businesses and institutions to obtain all the necessary documentation and perform actions for a Medicaid Application.
  • I initiate/push to completion all tasks that are outstanding with the family: banks, insurance companies, pension providers, and government agencies such as VA. I coordinate actions related to stocks, bonds, IRS, properties, and investments and stay on top of the application.
  • I provide assistance with spend-down. The family is past the point of estate planning when they interface with me but I help them manage the resident’s money effectively.
  • I organize the documentation into a dossier and give it to the Medicaid office when I make the initial application unless I need to submit the application prior to having all the documentation.
  • I do annual Medicaid Renewals for a small charge.
  • I have been Durable Financial POA when a resident has no family.
  • I have completed some very frustrating cases, and all to the satisfaction of the resident, family, and facility.
  • I cover all of Ohio and regionally. My office location is Northern Cincinnati.
  • I am willing to negotiate contracts with facilities.
  • I would be honored to do one or all of your Medicaid Applications.

My Service Fees:

  • My fee is $1500, which covers ODJFS meetings, procurement of all documentation, and tasks as needed (pre-need, help w/ spend down etc.). The family may pay out of their funds or funds of the resident. I will make payment arrangements if needed.
  • If the family requires legal counsel my fee is $3000 which pays my attorney for his services.
  • For travel times in excess of one hour, I charge $50 per hour of travel to and from for face to face meetings with ODJFS and am willing to negotiate this cost depending upon circumstances.
  • For clients who are very low on money but still require my services I negotiate a fee. My business does need to make money, but I understand my client.