For Your Loved One

Help Qualify Your Loved One

Your loved one may have financial obligations for nursing home care or assisted living care. However, if they qualify, Medicaid will help meet those obligations. Medicaid benefits are not automatic. YOU must seek Medicaid benefits and, until you receive them, YOU will be paying the Long Term Care (LTC) facility bill month after month, or your family member can be discharged from the facility. At an average cost of $7000 per month or more, the tab adds up very quickly.

It’s also possible that Medicaid financial assistance can help your loved one and your family without automatically draining their finances. Medicaid allows you to make certain allowances. Let me help you navigate while we get the application approved and get Medicaid funds going to your loved one’s nursing home or assisted living facility, while managing your loved one’s money effectively. I am not talking about estate planning as when you call me, we are past that. I am talking about getting your loved one onto Medicaid benefits, while getting Medicaid funds to the LTC facility while managing your money within Medicaid constraints.

Call me, I will do the legwork to quality your loved one for Medicaid to receive payments for their nursing home or assisted living care provider.