steve-nelsonI help residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities to receive Medicaid benefits by doing all the legwork required by the application process and by driving all actions to completion.

My clients are residents of nursing homes and assisted living facilities of Ohio counties. I am able to do all of Ohio and neighboring states. Some of the residents’ families are local to the facility but many families are out of state. Although similar, none of my cases are exactly alike. Sometimes I help families select the facility.

I prefer to get all or most of the documentation ready before I make the initial application. A main challenge is to get some of the documentation ready and decisions made prior to submitting the application, allowing the correct time to get all remaining documentation and perform actions once the application is made. Another challenge is to get all appropriate businesses to produce the required documentation and to do the needed actions within the application time constraints.

My use of a Limited POA for the residents allows me to work with the family and businesses, to forge ahead on my own. The work is usually frustrating, often very frustrating, which is exactly why I do it for the client and their family. Considering the Medicaid application time limits and requirements, the family has little time to question why. They just need for it to get done at a time when their mind, and often their own health, is not ready to focus on a Medicaid application. I am independent, and also willing to negotiate contracts with facilities.